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Share What You Have

Share the things you own and don't frequently use with others to generate extra income.

Build up your reputation, earn token rewards, and be a stakeholder in the new sharing economy.


Borrow What You Need

Borrow the things you need for a short time instead of buying and save money.

Try different brands, versions, colors of a product you need before a commitment.

Meet awesome people.


Save the Planet

Either by sharing what you own, or borrowing what you need, you are doing good to the planet by reducing overconsumption.

Earn token rewards for each transaction.

The Web3 Sharing Economy 

Share, rent, buy and sell anything locally with people around you. Be an active member of the of the next-generation circular economy.


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Flame (FLAM)

Flames are utility tokens that carry the roles of trust and rewards on Flambu 

Flambucks (FBX)

Flambucks (FBX) are stable tokens used for fast and low-cost payments


Flambu utilizes a two-token approach on blockchain to create a more decentralized, scalable and fair sharing economy

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Project Roadmap Milestones

We’ve only just begun and are rapidly introducing new features.
See our product roadmap below for upcoming releases


Mobile app MVP

In Progress

Tokenization concept

Rewards mechanism

FLAM tokens creation & initial distribution

Mobile app FUSE wallet integration  

FLAM tokens private sale


FLAM tokens IDO

FBX implementation & On-ramp

Rental payments with FBX

Rental payments & escrow mechanism

Distributed communities

Community admin dashboard

Distributed dispute resolution

Business profiles & dashboard

FBX Off-ramp support

  • Increase engagement between your community members in a trusted environment

  • Create gamification and reward your users for their positive activity in the community

  • Manage your community through a dedicated dashboard and monitor members' activity

  • Let your community members enjoy perks and discounts from local businesses

Whether you are running an organization, or a closed community, Flambu Communities is the right place for you.


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